Bathed In Red: The Darkrooms/Darkroom Processing Fanlisting

What's a darkroom?

A darkroom is a room or dark area used for developing photographs from either colour or black and white film. Most darkrooms are used for developing black and white photographs, since the process is easier and requires less, and less expensive equipment.

A darkroom needs to be totally dark, as the paper which is used to put the photographs onto will be ruined (fogged) by white light. In order to see what you're doing in a darkroom, you use a safelight, which is a normal bulb with a red or amber coloured translucent cover over the top. This won't ruin the paper, as it won't react to the red/amber light. Safelights cannot be too bright though, as even bright safelights can ruin the photographic paper, hence the room will still be pretty dark.

If you would like to know about how black and white photographs are developed in a darkroom, click here.

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