Bathed In Red: The Darkrooms/Darkroom Processing Fanlisting

Why I love darkrooms

Some people find it quite strange that I like to spend hours fiddling around with enlargers and chemicals in a dark room. Why not just take them to a photo lab and let them do it for me? The answer's quite simple - control. With black and white photographs, there are so many things that can be changed using a darkroom - contrast, framing and cropping to name a few. Each step in the darkroom process contributes to getting what I want out of my negative and achieving the best result that I can. If I let a photo lab do it for me, I lose all of that and don't end up with the results and effects that I want.

So, why not do it on a computer? While I love computers, and love and can use photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, I feel somehow more involved in the turnout of the photographs when using a darkroom. I sometimes also find it more relaxing and I do actually enjoy the darkroom process a lot. I love to mess around and experiment with exposure times and different darkroom techniques and be able to see my picture appear under the red light. I feel a much greater sense of achievement when I've created a photograph using the darkroom, rather than on the computer.

I am by no means against the development of digital photography though. I also own two digital cameras and now that I don't have easy access to a darkroom anymore, I use them more than my film cameras now. I love how instant and flexible digital photography is and being able to see my photo straight away on the little screen certainly is very nice.

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